Past Coalition Meetings

March 2018


A presentation was given by Kenneth Dahlgren and Jonathan Chaffee from Roswell Park on the history of vaping, types of devices, the appeal, and health concerns.

May 2018


Held a celebration of our local SADD  students and took a look and the 2017 Survey results.

September 2018


Sheriff Timothy Whitcomb of Cattaraugus County came out and gave a powerful and emotional presentation about PTSD.  He discussed how to prepare, protect, and treat the expected exposure to trauma. 

November 2018


Trauma is known to be a risk factor for mental health disorders, including substance abuse. We discussed what trauma is and the affect that it can have.   

March 2019


Resilience is not about resisting the hard things in life.  It is about your ability to bounce back and move forward when negative things occur.  Please come join us as we learn how to be more resilient in our lives ans show how to be resilient to others.

May 16, 2019


SADD recognition of our students from Wyoming County schools. There was also a resilience fair where we learned how to avoid, or recover from traumatic experiences by gaining information from community organizations, based on the eight areas of the wellness wheel.

September 19, 2019


We had a very informative panel discussion of the positive and negative impact of CBD oil.  Sitting at our table was Tracy MacNeil from Hempworx, Sgt. Colin Reagan the Wyoming County Sheriff's Drug Recognition Expert, and Jim Rutowski R Ph a local pharmacist.